A Collection of Thoughts

Watching Lost Girl and fiddling through some story ideas. No sooner had I posted about having to figure out a new name for my story did it come to me. I would love to still call it the Wings Trilogy, but the names of the three books will be Above, Between, and Below. I love the symbolism in this, calling images of the hero’s journey to hell. Also of the Divine Comedy, which is something I mention multiple times in the story. And of course of the three races: the Overworlders, the Underlanders, and the Humans.

While cleaning out my room I found one of my old stories. A satirical teen drama called The Beating of Their Own Drums. Does anyone else find it hard to read their old writing? Ridiculous! So over the top. Though there are some gems among the disheveled piles of crap sentences.

But for your entertainment *Drum roll please* Here we go: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2594575/1/The-Beating-of-Their-Own-Drums (If you follow the path you’ll also find some of my other old writing. Like The Hybrid Reflection Theory and a haiku I’m fairly proud of.)

The part of the story I think is the best is the cast. The characters are vast and mostly unique. I’m thinking of actually lifting a couple of them to use in other stories.

Also felt like I should post this:


It’s the piece I painted for Bryan for Christmas. Because I love him and all that shit. The colors are all sorts of wonk in the photo but i’ll adjust it at a later date.

Now, back to my Canadian Succubus fantasy show.


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