The Stars are but mere tears, staining the night sky.


So here is a part of Wings: Above, in which Meg meets Matthias for the first time, and he tells her a story about the love life of the Sun and the Moon. I hope you enjoy it.

In her bedroom Meg found the sleep that had been nagging her at Amanda’s had somehow slipped away on the way back to her apartment. It had gotten quite late, the moon hanging forlornly in the star splattered sky. She strolled out onto her balcony, the chill night air feeling great on her skin. She brushed her roan hair behind her ear.

She was beginning to find her footing in this strange world, which she enjoyed. She hated feeling lost. She almost felt more confident here than she ever had at home. She had to be strong for her mom.

Meg almost screamed when she saw the boy climb up the wall past her balcony. Almost. He wasn’t climbing like a normal person would, grabbing holds and pulling himself up, but was crawling up it, as if the wall was horizontal instead of vertical, or as if he was a spider.

“Who are you and why are you spidermaning up my wall?” Meg asked.

His head whipped around to her, he was handsome in a boyish, model way. Soft features surrounding intense, sharp crystalline eyes. His skin like porcelain with the moonlight, his hair so light it was almost the same.

“Isn’t it past your bedtime?” He accused, though he looked her age, maybe even younger.

“Still doesn’t answer my question.” She placed her hands on her hips. “Are you like some sort of Sidhe window washer?” Remembering what word Quip had used. It seemed right to call them that.

The boy tipped his head to the side, quizzically. “An Underlander? Why yes, I am an Underlander window washer.” He shook his head. “A guard, I’m an Underlander guard, making late night patrols.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I bothered you then.” She turned back to the stars and moon and leaned heavily on the railing.

Not feeling right leaving this girl in such a lonely state the boy climbed over the railing, and sat atop it. “What’s your name, I haven’t seen you on any of the dossiers.”

“The dossiers?” Meg glanced at him over her shoulder as if he were crazy. He spoke with a light European accent, but she couldn’t place it. She was beginning to realize she was good with accents. “You’re a guard who uses dossiers?”

“Er… documents. I am still not use to your language here.” the boy muttered quickly. He was dressed in a button down under a maroon sweater vest and khaki slacks. Well dressed for a guard.

“I’m new. My name is Meg, I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me, I feel my reputation always precedes me here.” She greeted a little vehemently.

“You really shouldn’t complain, it’s not becoming.” the boy scolded.

“What’s your name?” Meg snapped, the boy was already getting on her nerves.

“Matthias.” He bowed awkwardly to her while still seated. For a moment she thought he was going to pitch himself right off the railing.

“Well it was nice meeting you, Matthias, I wouldn’t want to keep you from your rounds.” Meg dismissed.

She watched the moon cast pale light across the lawn. “You know they say the moon is the mother of the stars.” Matthias piqued.

“Excuse me?”

“In the beginning there was the moon, and there was the sun. Alone in the sky. But they were okay with that, because they had each other, and that was all they needed. From dusk til dawn they rolled together in the space beyond earth, making love and laughter. They say you’ve never heard such a beautiful sound as the laughter of an Astral Being.” Matthias chuckled himself here. Meg turned towards him.

“What kind of story is this?”

“Who asks that?” Matthias’s eyebrows knitted together above his eyes. “I mean when someone starts telling a story do you really ask ‘is this a romance?’ ‘is this a memoir?’” he gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s just a story.”

“Right.” Meg panned.

“Now where was I, before I was so rudely interrupted?” He gave a faux-glare at her. “Oh right, the laughter of Astral Beings. Well, as with all relationships, even celestial ones, the flame of passion eventually began to sputter. The sex didn’t hold the same spark, or the Moon always had a headache, perhaps the Sun’s eye started to wander. Whatever the reason, they found each other drifting apart. Do you know what couples do when they start to fall apart?”

Meg didn’t realize the question wasn’t rhetorical. The whole story sounded maddeningly fishy to her.

“They go see a couples councilor.” Matthias muttered a little stormily, preferring when his audience played along. “Who a better councilor than a mortal? They live their entire lives flowing from one relationship to the next. No man is an island, not even close. More like oh so much driftwood floating around bumping into each other.”

“So the Moon and the Sun talked to one of us? Seriously?” Meg rolled her eyes.

“Hey, it’s a parable, a myth. No one said it had to be true, or even believable.” He scoffed. He stood up, atop the railing, balancing with an unnatural ease. “I’m sorry I even started telling it to you.” He reached for the brick wall.

“No wait!” Meg called after him. “I’m sorry I’m being such a bitch. I’ve had a really long week.”

Matthias paused, taking a deep breath. He sat back on the railing. “Well, if you’re up to it I can finish the story.” Meg nodded. For as odd as it was she did want to hear where it was heading. “The man they visited was already old and wise by this time. He knew that relationships don’t last forever.”

“I don’t believe that.” Meg cut in.

“I thought we already went over the not having to believe bit.”

“Not that, I mean I don’t believe that relationships don’t last forever. I believe that there’s someone out there for everyone. That if you love each other and work on it your relationship can last.” She argued.

“Til death do you part.” Matthias pointed out. “No relationship lasts forever. Most don’t even last six months. But sometimes what a relationship needs is space.” His face softened when he saw how upset the idea made Meg. His deep blue eyes rounding with compassion. But he continued his story anyway. “He sent them to complete different quests and told them that when they had succeeded in their respective journeys that they would love each other more than they ever had before.

“He told the moon she must help the children of earth, keep the crippling fear of the darkness at bay. He told the sun he must give the adults of earth the light needed to advance civilization. So the moon and the sun went their separate ways. The moon leaving behind a trail of tears that stained the black night sky.”

“Did they fall more in love? We’re they happy?” Meg pressed.

“They do love each other more, in that way one loves something that can never be theirs.” Matthias motioned to the moon, listening to the story so deeply that she looked as if she may crash into the Estate. Meg had never seen the moon so large before.

“That’s such a sad story.” Meg swayed, hugging her shoulders, she suddenly felt very cold.

“Sometimes the truest stories are the saddest.” Matthias replied. He stood up on the railing, balancing on the arches of his feet. He held his slender arms out for balance, Meg watched him with baleful eyes.

“You said this wasn’t true though. It’s a parable, remember?”

“Well, that may have been a lie, It’s definitely true.” He grinned sheepishly. Meg’s look stretched to skeptical and he shrugged. “If you don’t believe me, ask the man they talked to, he still lives, in there.” He pointed into the Estate. With that he fell backwards, disappearing from view. Meg yelped with surprise and ran to the edge, but he was nowhere to be seen over the balcony. Had he been a dream?

She turned slowly towards her room, “he still lives, in there.”


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