Helios Rising


So Bryan and I were roleplaying together in a scifi world that we had made up on the fly. After roleplaying the concepts still sat with me, consuming my mind for the next week or so, until I wrote this, a world summary of the local bubble and the races that live there. I may later add more to it, like major governments, organizations and religions. I apologize if it isn’t very sorted, it was kind of stream of consciousness writing. Well here you go to enjoy! (tl;dr)


K1TE a small, classified Kappa-level spacecraft. It is ran with a highly advanced and experimental AI known affectionately as KiKi. Built for espionage and high risk missions its designed to run on a skeleton crew. Running most of the basic functions and repairs itself.

It comes from an Earth both united and yet divided. Most “Earthlings” live under the Toterrian Militia flag, a military rule that was initiated during the Great Raidings of the Colouraxes, and never repealed. There, a constant mandatory draft is in effect, every citizen required to spend at least 3 years in one of the hundreds of Battle Academies (or Institutes as they’re referred to by the masses) scattered across the galaxy. One in three humans is born  with the “Physics Gene” a genome on the DNA strand that allows the breaking of the laws of physics. The gene is different for each and passes through bloodline like all genes. It grants powers over gravity, energy, mass, etc. Known about in the past, regarded as “Magic” as science and religion rose to the forefront and magic was persecuted, it was suppressed and forgotten about until the treaty with the Colourax, who then revealed their discovery of the gene during the Raidings, as a sign of good faith. In exchange humans gave all their knowledge on mars.

Another faction of humans prefer to be called “Moonies” and thrive on the remnants of Luna, Earth’s single moon, and most of the space stations spread throughout the Sol System, having separated from the Toterrian government when High General Lord Karry refused to step down. The Moonies are officially called the Shattered Colonies, though they are no longer colonies of anyone and compose their own government of dignitaries that form a Grand Council known as the Star Monks. Moonies are almost a new species, the time spent in lighter gravity has caused them to grow long and thin, with lighter bones, and paler skin, giving them an elfish appearance, some even say they’re more aloof and cerebral than earthlings and chironians, all the space messing with their brains. The Shattered Colonies are the most integrated of the humans with “aliens” many of the space stations actually holding humans as the minority.

Finally on the planet Chiron in the Alpha Centari Dual System resides the third group of humans. Originally a colony set up by Earth (before the Toterrian Militia) they separated after befriending the local natives of the planet, and being commanded to genocide or enslave them. A bloodless rebellion occurred, being too far and insignificant to squash with the uprising of the Shattered Colonies happening on Earth’s doorstep. Among the colonists of Chiron they formed two distinct tribes, the mostly human Alphas and integrated human and chironian Centaurs. Following a presidency and tribal city-state system respectively. While separate, working together to further their development away from Earth.

Following Human expansion to the stars many alien races were discovered some even in the Sol System itself. The two other races both resided on the moons of Jupiter. The first contacted were the gentle Aratha, bipedal water dwellers that lived below the ice layer in the seas of Europa. They had just recently reached space travel, sending out satellites to research Jupiter what they assumed was the center of their solar system, and had landed on a few other moons of Jupiter. Humans helped them advance their technology and welcomed them into their society, more as a precaution, feeling the need to unite the races of the Sol System in lieu of the potentially lethal races living outside our solar system. Aratha are extremely warmblooded, to the point that Aratha blood will heat up and evaporate human blood if mixed together. They can survive in the temperatures outside the freezing cold of their planet without any modification besides breathing apparatuses, but it greatly shortens their lifespan by quickening their metabolism exponentially. They care for this with a mixture of pill cocktails and stabilization suits to monitor their body functions and temperature. The Aratha had been in dire straits when they made contact with humans, they had greatly polluted the seas of Europa, to the point of threatening their food supplies and breathable water. And the Cold War the massive country sized underwater cities were locked in, while great for advancing their technology, made ecosystem issues take a back burner. The humans, by taking the side if the first city they made contact with ended the Cold War by supporting them in the domination of the moon. Taller than humans Aratha are naturally stronger by quite a bit due to living in high pressure, high gravity. Though their religion and demeanor make them gentle and prone to taking the nonviolent way out. The different colorings of skin represent what city they belong too, with breeding between cities rare and normally looked down upon. There is still a high amount of prejudice in the species based on skin coloration, with occasional hate crimes reported. They produce sexually, similarly to humans except with the females giving birth through their mouths, carrying eggs in sacs below their gils.

On Callisto, another moon of Jupiter the Heathor were fairly primitive, not yet reaching space travel, worried more about their tribal wars than the stars above their heads. Based around a herd mentality, tribes moved and decided as one, relinquishing original decisions to the needs of the herd. The concepts of caste and hierarchy that they witness in other species is foreign to them, outside the singular elitism they feel towards other races as a whole.  Master builders with dense muscles the Heathor are known to construct some of the most beautiful architecture from extremely limited resources. Short and wide they are built like oxen on two legs, hunched over with heads that hang low to the ground, due to the thin atmosphere layer on Castillo. Their coloring ranges from muddled gray to deep black, and they have two sets of jaws, one set within the other, one opening vertically and one horizontally to protect their innards from the common black dust storms that ravage their home. (Their eyes work the same with double eyelids) Males have bright red, orange and yellow plumage that grows down their back and on their face, thicker or thinner depending on the mating season. Upon the discovery of the “primitive” people and viewing that the moon seemed mostly uninhabitable by humans the Earth government decided not to interfere with their development until they reach the point of space travel. The Colourax, in a show of non threatening rebellion swooped in and raised the Heathor and introduced them to the space colonies. Outside of their weak gravity the Heathor found themselves to be of average strength, and their lack of space technology left them scientifically insignificant. These coupled with their aloof elitism keeps most of the Heathor on Castillo, rarely heading out to the colonies, and almost never to Earth itself.

Arguably the most important alien race in human history are the Colourax. Doubly a cautionary tale, and a tale of violence. The homeworld of the Colourax is far, somewhere on a distant arm of the Milky Way. Their race had reached a peak of technological advancement. Interstellar space travel had become an after thought. Communication devices had left the handheld and were implanted directly to their brains, their very thoughts transferred from being to being. Each passing year saw more and more advancement in body altering technology, but also more and more Colourax. Soon the world was verging on overpopulation. The first solution was to genetically alter the females to carry only one egg, making only one child possible. The Colourax breeding process consists of the female laying an egg, then the male takes the egg into his body, fertilizing it and incubating it until birth. But they had unfortunately reached too far into overpopulation and the only solution became looking elsewhere. A fleet of moon sized ships carrying millions of Colourax each set out to the stars, to find new planets to inhabit. Ages and generations later the last ship found a hospitable planet known as Mars and set up terraforming the planet. It was here that humans found the aliens invading their home turf. What followed was the war that became known as The Great Raidings of the Colouraxes. The Colouraxes had superior technology, but humans had numbers and home turf knowledge on their side. The Raidings didn’t stop until the shattering of Luna. Witnessing the atrocity that a war between the two races brings they entered an uneasy treaty. Colourax live on Mars, over half the planet now Terraformed for them, but aren’t allowed to “conquer” any other planets in the Sol System. There is still much mistrust between the two races, but they seem to have settled on being neighbors. The Martian Colourax refer to themselves as The Lost Children, a reference to the fact that they have traveled so far, and so long from their homeworld there is not only no way of getting back, but no way of even communicating with them. They can only contact one of the other colony ships as well, being as each had travelled so far and wide. It was the Colourax that had discovered the physic genome in humans, during wartime dissections and studies of the human race. The Colourax have six appendages and are both bipedal and quadrupedal. They have powerful back legs, and double jointed pelvises to make standing on their hind legs and on all four equally comfortable. Their main arms are in the middle, shorter than their legs and fore appendages they are the most opposable and able to do intricate work. Their fore appendages are stronger, though not a strong as their legs and are used as either front legs, or a second pair of arms. Traditionally they stand on all fours but influence from the Sol System has made bipedaling more common, though most of their machines and vehicles are designed around them being quadrupeds. Covered in thick skin that ranges in human flesh colors as well as into more yellowish tones, they can withstand some gunshots and sharp melee attacks.

The other species allied with humans come from neighboring star systems of Alpha Centari, Sirius and Procyon and aren’t as commonly seen in the Sol System as the previously listed species. The first being the Chironians, also known as Quars, guardians of nature on their planet, they stood against the colonization and modernization of their homeworld by humans, causing the humans to secede when ordered to do drastic measures. Similar in appearance to the Japanese Oni or the Greek Minotaur they’re bipedal, almost human like in build except with heads that more resemble a horse’s or cattle’s. They are covered in a light coat of fur in colors stretching the cool color spectrum. Standing at seven to nine feet they’re taller than most humans, with the females being notably taller than the males. Without having to raise their young (who are self sufficient and instinctual after only a month) females are especially dominant in the Quars, being the basis of religion, economy and government. Males fall into the most basic of provider roles, in some places being closer to second class citizens. Quars have a third gender required to reproduce that falls somewhere between the two, that the humans affectionately refer to as shemales. More feminine and also less common they tend to have less social obligations and drift from place to place. Their existence makes females much more common in the species. At first glance the Quar may seem primitive, but actually are highly advanced in biotechnologies. Being a closer genetic make up to the plants on their planet, as opposed to the separation of plant and animal on earth, this gives them a higher connection to the world and work to create a civilization with nature rather than out of nature. Even their forays into space, while sparse on their own until humanity reached them, were in tree like spaceships.

The dual star system of Procyon has numerous planets, not a single one suitable for carbon-based life. Only one holds life at all, in the temperate ring lies Mo’lin a gaseous planet home to the Tkorik. In their purest form they are gelatinous, and jellyfish like in appearance. Highly intelligent and cerebral, they speak through telepathy and sharing of emotions, of which theirs are infinitely more complex than humans. While sentient they compose no form of society or government, merely existing, coming and going on whim. They reproduce through the Neverending Consciousness. When they realize their time has come to a close they choose one or two protégés and then fuse with them. The result is a being with all the knowledge of the previous Tkoriks that have passed on their consciousness. Because of this it’s rare to see a pure Tkorik outside their homeworld, instead conglomerate species a mixture of Tkorik and whatever race, or races they’ve bred with are a more common sight. Though they may become a muddled mess of aliens one can always tell a Tkorik because of their gel like substance and sticky, membrane like skin. While fusion allows all the protege’s experiences to be consumed and made apart of the Tkorik, the resulting creature is purely Tkorik in thought and personality. Because of the Neverending Consciousness the Tkorik are considered the wisest of all the species.

The last two species are from Sirius dual star system, and are perhaps the most mysterious. The first are the Eruke, it is questionable whether they are originally from the Sirius System or just colonized there. Of the five planets of the Sirius System three are inhabited by the enigmatic Eruke. Living in environments that are not conductive to their biology the Eruke are always shrouded in suits of thick metals and glass. They never take them off, even for each other, and the way they multiply is a mystery. While generally friendly and welcoming the Eruke never reveal anything about themselves or their culture. Observations show that they are highly religious to the Criterion, and had known them in the past, though they won’t say what the original name of the race were, merely referring to them as “Those That Were.” When not floating through space in their highly advanced, yet impossible to understand spacecraft, they make homes in cities built in the ruins of the Criterion, which span every planet in the Sirius System. From the life support suits the Eruke are humanoid in shape, with two legs and two arms, though Eruke arms are very long, hanging almost mid calf, and there is no discernible genders. Though it is witnessed that they have partnerships, though whether these are of a relationship style or something platonic is not understood. Unlike the other races there has not been a reported case of an interspecies relationship with the Eruke, mainly staying to themselves. Their crafts are the fastest available ships in the local bubble and are pleased to make runs from world to world and deliver many various goods for a price, normally quite high. Some researchers claim the Eruke are insectoid, and have a sort of hive mind, but there is no proof to back this up.

Finally the Criterion, a race even more shrouded in mystery than the Eruke who reside in their ruins. Having disappeared from the galaxy aeons ago, the Eruke won’t confirm when or if they died or just left, they left behind massive ruins scattered across planets and space. Through no amount of research and digging has brought up a way to activate this technology. However they powered and operated it is beyond even comprehension for the current races, except perhaps the Eruke who aren’t revealing their secrets. The most interesting about the Criterion are the prominence of pyramids in all of their works, their buildings, their derelict ships, all have a triangular shape. Many of these pyramids, especially the ones that seem older, bear a startling resemblance to pyramids found all across Earth, and oddly enough on Castillo and Mars as well. Though there is no definitive connection the very thought, and the high regard the Eruke hold them in has many wondering if the Criterion are a progenitor race, or at least had some hand in the shaping of the human race.



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