Ex Machina


My life as a movie, written as a movie preview/review.
Ex Machina
The Alexander J Holley Movie

Dramatis Personae:
James Van Der Beek as Alex
Chris Salvatore as Bryan
Rachel Bilson as Sheri
Nina Dobrev as Valarie
Adam Brody as Logan
Chelsea Handler as Jen
Emma Stone as Elizabeth
Michelle Williams as Sarah

A dark indie rom-com about a group of twenty-something artists trying to make it in the big city. Alex (Van Der Beek) is a struggling writer trying to find his voice, living in a tiny apartment with his overly bubbly yet slightly crazy roommate Sheri (a refreshingly insightful Bilson). Working a dead end job to pay the bills he spends his free time with his intense artist boyfriend Bryan (adorable new comer Salvatore), but their relationship seems to have stalled. Going out with their friends tomboyish Valarie (Dobrev), quite gamer Logan (Brody playing the lovable nerd persona we know him so well for) and wild Elle (a once again blonde, Stone) only seems a further distraction from Alex’s dead in the water life. Then, one day Alex finds that his writing affects the real world around him. Starting cautiously he of course begins to spiral out of control as he makes broad strokes to change his life, to various humorous and tragic ends. By the end of the movie he realizes that he didn’t need to rewrite his life and the happiness he needed was right in front of him to begin with. The movie ends with Alex finally completing his manuscript, sending it off in the mail before returning to his newly engaged fiancé Bryan. Key scenes are stolen by the no bullshit friend Jen (of course played by Handler) who gives it to Alex straight, and moment of realization lead by a touching Williams as Internet friend Sarah.

Cameos by Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler as Sarah and Charis respectively.


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