I’m a Writer, Artist, Foodie and Adventurer that loves to explore the world. I’ve lived in multiple states but currently reside in Austin, TX. I spend most of my free time gathering new experiences that I can incorporate into my writing. (And probably spend less time writing than I should.) I believe in living the best story that you can.

An avid consumer of culture, I have a cornucopia of knowledge regarding movies, books, comics, food, video games and celebrity gossip. Seriously, ask me anything, I probably have a top ten list. I grew up on a healthy diet of Sentai shows, cheesy Anime, dopey superheroes, tabletop RPG’s and pulpy novels, with a heavy dose of punk rock attitude. All of which shines through in my work.

I eat unholy amounts of guacamole and try to run on a some what regular basis to keep those pounds and pounds of guac from showing on my girlish figure.

I studied Graphic Design and Advertising at the International Academy of Design and Technology, where I was showed how odd it was that I did most of my art analogue, instead of digital. But I’ve always been an illustrator at heart, which gave me an edge in school.

Of everywhere I’ve been, Austin is by far my favorite city, and will always be home to me.


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