Under Construction!

So big things are going to happening around here, But I'm sorry if things begin to look a little rough while I test out some new code and get some art up around my site. I know I took a little bit of a sabbatical and didn't post much, but that doesn't mean I wasn't [...]


Americanizing a European World

So I've been working on creating my own world and campaign in Dungeons & Dragons and, while my world (Terrasia) is based off aspects of Eberron I've striven to find a unique base for it, that base turning out to be America. In Of Dice and Men David Ewalt mentions that when first introduced to [...]

Helios Rising

So Bryan and I were roleplaying together in a scifi world that we had made up on the fly. After roleplaying the concepts still sat with me, consuming my mind for the next week or so, until I wrote this, a world summary of the local bubble and the races that live there. I may [...]

The Stars are but mere tears, staining the night sky.

So here is a part of Wings: Above, in which Meg meets Matthias for the first time, and he tells her a story about the love life of the Sun and the Moon. I hope you enjoy it. In her bedroom Meg found the sleep that had been nagging her at Amanda's had somehow slipped [...]

Video Juegos Characters

So to practice my writing, and help Bryan (My better half, and a Character Designer for Video Games) practice his character designs I wrote up some party characters for a fictional RPG game. Now with moving and job hunting not sure when we'll get back around to this project, but here are the write ups of the [...]

The funny thing about rivers is you can never step in the same river twice.

I have never cared for philosophy. Or at least philosophy for philosophy's sake. And yet there is nothing I can compare Jazz more to than communal philosophy, and I love every minute of it. Jazz flows from consciousness to consciousness, waxing, waning, and swelling with an internal emotion that most other genres rarely touch upon. [...]